Kitchen Gadgets that are Worth the Money and a Few that Aren’t

Cabinet space is in high demand in every kitchen in the world. Who would want to buy a kitchen gadget that isn’t worth the space that it takes up in your cabinets?? I certainly wouldn’t! I will admit, I want absolutely every kitchen gadget that comes on the market. Cooking for your family every night of the week takes up so much of your time. So when a new kitchen gadgets promises to make my life easier, I almost always believe it! I love cooking healthy recipes from scratch, but I want it to be so much easier than it actually is. So today I’m going you my favorite gadgets that make my life SO much easier. On the filpside, I’m giving you my mistakes. I don’t want you to waste your money or precious kitchen storage on something that won’t change the way you cook for the better.

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I can’t make lemonade without my little helpers!
  1. Crockpot- Most of my favorite recipes are made with my beloved crockpot that my Grandma gave me. It is a vintage crockpot that reminds me of “This is Us” every time I use it. Anyone else have crockpot trauma from that show? Anyways, it’s the best thing in the world.

    The beaten down, but very loved Crockpot.
  2. Instant Pot
    My Beloved Instant Pot.

    This has taken over the world. So many of my friends kept talking about how amazing their instant pot is. So I asked for one for Valentine’s Day and I immediately fell in love. First time I used it, I made two giant chicken breasts in 8 minutes. Are you kidding me?? AND! There’s only one dish to wash because you can sear in the Instant Pot as well!

  3. Mandolin Slicer– Do you hate chopping onions? Buy a mandolin slicer. I can chop two large onions in less than a minute. And I add onion to EVERYTHING so it saves me so much time.

    My onion chopping champion.
  4. Lemon Squeezer I actually use this for limes. Lime squeezers are so tiny that they don’t fit most limes. I use this when I make salsa every week and my famous Vodka Tonic. Anyone that has come to my house has had the greatpleasure of tasting hat delicious cocktail.

    Lemon Squeezer
  5. Electric Juicer– We never have store bought juice or any sweet drinks in the house. So it’s such a treat when we pull this out. The kids absolutely love juicing oranges and lemons with this. We use the orange juice for our favorite orange juice popsicles and the lemons for homemade lemonade. Both are crowd pleasers!
Electric Juicer

These gadgets I bought and regret it:

  1. Spiralizer– Do you remember when this thing was all over the internet! Zoodles! I thought, this is the answer to my carb obsession! I can replace everything with swirly vegetables! Not so much. I still have this, but I barely use it. The only thing I’ve successfully made with this is spaghetti zoodles. Don’e get me wrong, it’s delicious. The thing is, don’t try to eat that stuff for leftovers. It is a runny, watery mess. They are delicious right off the stove but that’s it. So It takes so much longer, it doesn’t last, and its a complete mess. Zucchini is a very watery vegetable, which is fine. But when you spend the time to spiralize 6 of them, there is a green puddle left over on your countertops.
  2. Pineapple corer– This was one of our wedding registry items that I though I just HAD to have it. We used it twice. The end.
  3. Panini Maker– This was so great at first and we used it all the time. But then I got a giant waffle maker at a garage sale for $2. It has 3 different attachments and completely replaced the panini make and has multiple uses.

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    1. I love to make chili in the crockpot. Also, I throw in a bunch of chicken breasts with chicken broth to eat throughout the week. I’m in love!

    1. Of course! Making things with the kids is so fun but also challenging. But so worth it!

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