Healthy Snacks That Your Kids (And You) Will Love!

There are some things that are worth spending extra time on, like a intricate dinner. Snacks are not one of those things. Snacks last three seconds and then they’re gone. I don’t want to spend hours making something for the kids that won’t be appreciated. (What really is?) So I found these snacks that don’t take long to make, but aren’t full of sugar or junk. The added bonus: my kids love them! Hopefully your kids will love them too!

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Orange Juice Popsicles
This is my kids absolute favorite! We were living in my parents guest house while we were building our house. Grandma’s freezer was always filled with sugary popsicles that would make my kids go insane! I had to tell my mom not to buy another box once my kids starting asking for popsicles at breakfast. So Grandma wouldn’t have to tell them no. That word is not in a grandma’s vocabulary as my mom has told me ;). Since they loved them so much I wanted to make something that they can indulge but wouldn’t be filled with sugar. We have our beloved juicer so we just froze fresh orange juice into popsicle molds and the kids are obsessed. I know it’s super simple, but that’s what we need in our lives, am I right???

Gluten Free Muffins
We get this gluten free muffin mix and it is amazing! We get it at Winco and it is less than 5 bucks. Our favorite add ins are: banana and chocolate chip, and cranberry and orange. For the orange, I just add the zest of half an orange and it packs a punch!

Carrot chips and guacamole
They have carrot chips now?!?! These are such an amazing alternative to tortilla chips. Not for me, but for my kids. I’m too far gone.

I either make our own guacamole, or I get the individual packs from the grocery store so it all doesn’t go bad at once. You know, because the kids won’t eat it when its brown. Cue the *eye roll.*

That’s how I live my life, minimal effort, but big flavor. I hope these snacks will help you with your kids and even yourself to snack healthy during the day without much effort.